A letter to my back: Please, let me bend down freely again...


A letter to my back: Please, let me bend down freely again ...

You never complain when I sit for hours at my desk with a crooked back.

You get up with me when I fall off my bike or slip on the damp leaves.

You are a good friend.

You don't complain if I don't give you enough attention.

Careful though, if it becomes too much! If I continue to distract you with ibuprofen. Being incredibly justified. But I understand that you don't want to be on medication ...

I know that if I overdo our friendship it could end. Only when you show your "red card" - I realize I did something wrong, something wrong to you.

For example, I notice it as soon as I get out of bed in the morning.

When you complain if I tie my shoes.

Or when I bend only halfway because you do not want me to turn around completely.

If I ask teammates to give me back the golf ball fall into the hole.

I am so sorry if this period is lasting longer than expected.

However, you inform me that back pain has not only become the number 1 in the industrialized world but that 80% of men and women have suffered from back pain in the last two years.

In addition to infections, back pain is the second most common reason in Germany for which a doctor is consulted.

I went there too. I visited one.

The comings and goings between diagnosis and therapy started there, around the corner in Berlin!

You ask me what I had to do? Not much! As a private patient, it was enough to call in order to get an appointment within two hours!

How do you say?? If I received help ??? Of course, I did!

There are many interesting things! Among these: intracutaneous stimulation therapy, digital radiography, chiropractic intervention on the spine, punctures.

At the same time, I relied on an acupuncturist. I lay down on my stomach and hoped for 20 minutes that the needles that he put me in my back freed me from pain once and for all!

Of course, treatment of back pain naturally also includes physical therapy and fango therapy. So it's obvious that I've dragged you into the nearest treatment center! But despite everything, not even the 24 sessions managed to convince you that it was time to give up.

You just wanted to hurt me.

But I couldn't resist when my urologist pronounced the magic word. Which one? Procaine !!! And not only! He also recommended a doctor, considered the father of procaine!

The doctor was quite angry! I had pain everywhere: in the back, in the buttocks, on the cheek, on the forehead, in the oral cavity ...

Did you let yourself go in all the activities?

Of course not! Ok, I admit it, a little bit!

Now I have the impression that we became close, and you won’t want to torture me again.

As promised, tomorrow I'll take you to buy a new mattress. We will go together! We will choose it together.

We will try them all and compare them. We will try to understand if you need a soft one or a more rigid one. Although, you know, and I know the answer: you’d rather have the rigid one!

In exchange, I ask only one thing for you, dear back: Please let me bow again and without pain!

Let me turn around calmly. Let me get the balls back from the hole.

Yes, of course, I told my friends how much you costed me in the last few weeks: 1,600 Euro!

One of my golf friends couldn't keep his mouth shut and made fun of me: "You can have a new back with so much money ..."

Don't worry, dear back. I will never change you! ... Our relationship continues ...

Maybe with a little less stress.