Conditions and effective treatments at the Avicenna Clinic

Whether it be a prolapsed intervertebral disc, a fractured vertebra or migraines.

As a clinic of international renown, we offer consultations and personal support to patients from all over the world. The broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services we offer in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, brain surgery, orthopaedics, trauma surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, anaesthetics, radiology and physiotherapy forms a comprehensive concept.

A team of highly qualified specialists

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery

Dr. med. Johannes Knipprath

Specialist for orthopedics and accident surgery

Dr. Tonio Gottlieb

Specialist in foot surgery

Dr. med. Andreas Debrand-Passard

Specialist in Radiology

Dr. med. Georgi Dimitrov

Specialist in Anaesthetics

Dr. med. Ines Hiller

Hospital Hygiene & Hygiene Management

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Latest news

NIC Berlin Conference 2018


In Berlin fand vom 22.04.2018 – 24.04.2018 eine internationale Konferenz zu verschiedenen Gesundheitsaspekten der Forschung, Entwicklung und Gesundheitswirtschaft statt, an der die Avicenna Klinik...

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Deutsch-Arabisches Gesundheitsforum 2018


Vom 16.04.2017 – 17.04.2018 fand das Deutsch-Arabische Gesundheitsforum in Berlin statt. Es wurde von der Ghorfa organisiert. Neben den Vertretern der Avicenna Klinik nahmen zahlreiche Mediziner,...

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