Corrective osteotomies

The correction of congenital and acquired misalignments of the legs is important, especially with the early onset of arthrosis, since it can considerably slow the wear and tear of a knee joint and avoid premature joint replacement surgery.

The decision to perform such an operation is not one that most patients make lightly, since it involves dividing healthy bone.

Treatment details

In-patient stay: around 7 to 10 days.
Protection time: 6 to 8 weeks with accompanying physiotherapy.

Treatment plan

Correction surgery requires careful planning using X-ray or CT scan images. The desired degree of correction must be decided upon, amongst other things. This is because, in some cases, "over-correction" is required, in other words, marked bow legs may need to be corrected into slightly knock knees, for example, in order to relieve the destroyed joint surfaces on the inside of the knee.

During the operation, we divide the bones, correct the misalignment and secure the bone using screws and plates in the desired position. Modern surgical techniques allow the divided bone to be stabilised so that the patient can (partially) weight bear again on the leg after just a few days.

Where there are bilateral misalignments, the osteotomy procedure is not carried out simultaneously since the divided bones can only be partially weight-bearing until they are healed.

X-ray image following correction surgery to the leg