Neurosurgery - conditions and treatment options

As a clinic of international renown, we offer consultations and personal support to patients from all over the world. The broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services we offer in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, brain surgery, orthopaedics, trauma surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, anaesthetics, radiology and physiotherapy forms a comprehensive concept.

Neurosurgical conditions

The term ‘neurosurgical conditions’ is used to encompass all impairments of the central and peripheral nervous system. This is where all the body’s pain and irritation stimuli originate from, as well as all of the body’s coordination processes.

If the nervous system is injured or there are malformations within it, typical symptoms can manifest themselves as pain but also often dizziness, deafness, speech, visual and movement problems.

Over the next few pages, we offer you an initial overview of the various conditions that we treat.

We treat, among others, the following neurosurgical conditions:

Neurosurgical treatments

Neurosurgery is a discipline of medicine dedicated to diseases of the nervous system. Thanks to modern imaging methods and the very latest instruments, surgery can now be carried out conservatively and without large incisions, even in this very sensitive field.

Over the next few pages, we offer you an initial overview of the treatments available. Which of these methods is suitable for you, what opportunities and risks there are with them and what alternatives there might be are all things we would be delighted to discuss with you in person.

We offer, among others, the following neurosurgical treatment options: