Spinal microsurgery

Often, back problems can be resolved with conservative treatment.

If these fail to work, however, the cause of the problem must be treated. Especially in the case of prolapsed intervertebral discsspinal canal stenosis in the cervical and lumbar spine, syringomyelia and tumours, microsurgical procedures are used quite frequently.

Treatment details

Duration of treatment: 20 – 40 minutes in the case of prolapsed discs
In-patient stay: 8 – 12 days
Time off work: 4 – 10 weeks
Car driving: after 8 weeks, initially only short distances
Sports: immediately after discharge: backstroke, after 4 weeks cycling, after 10 weeks fitness / jogging after 3 months breast stroke, after 4 months golf and tennis

Treatment plan

Unlike conventional surgical approaches, microsurgery requires only a small incision measuring between 1 to 3 centimetres in length. This considerably reduces the risk of subsequent scar formation.

Under general anaesthetics, we guide a probe directly to the affected vertebra or disc. We then remove any excess tissue and widen the site slightly - this relieves the pressure on the nerve root.

A microscope and/or an endoscope provide the surgeon with the pictures he needs.