Open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

An MRI, unlike computed tomography (CT) and X-Rays, is completely radiation-free and is also suitable for children. The strong magnetic field and radio waves produce very clear images in which we can easily distinguish the various anatomical structures of our body, thus allowing us to identify even the smallest change. This therefore makes it possible to make a precise diagnosis which in turn will lead us to choose the appropriate therapeutic treatment.


Maximum patient comfort

Conventional devices do not provide maximum comfort during analysis, especially for those suffering from claustrophobia. They force the patient to lie inside a narrow tube that in combination with the noises generated by the same device foment an anxious state. In our case, to guarantee our patients the maximum level of comfort and reduce a possible state of anxiety, we have preferred to equip ourselves with an open device. Therefore we offer the latest and unique magnetic resonance technology in Europe. In some cases MRI images can be presented clearly with contrast medium.