A new herniated disc – recurrence

What is a recurrent herniated disc?

Approximately 480,000 surgical interventions on the lumbar spine are performed annually in the USA – to treat herniated discs. The majority of patients subsequently report excellent results. But the 10-15% of those who were been successfully operated, face the so-called re-prolapse. People that face a new disc hernia feel pain despite the previous surgery. Patients and surgeons are disappointed by recurrence because their intervention has not brought any lasting improvement. Recurrences do not arise due to wrong behavior of patients or a wrong surgical technique; they exist because of progressive degeneration and the still opened crack of the fiber ring which causes a renewed herniated disc. The fiber ring tear is a kind of "gate" through which disc tissue can emerge again.

Herniated disc recurrence - treatment

To prevent the onset of recurrence, some surgeons start to operate more aggressively - instead of just removing the protruding disc tissue that presses on the nerves, they take out the entire disc. What is the problem here? If the intervertebral disc is missing, this accelerates the degeneration of the adjacent vertebral edges. In the long term, this surgical approach often causes a significant deterioration and later further interventions and in the worst case, a spinal fusion.

Although doctors have known this problem for years, they always try to solve it by inserting a titanium implant to close the gap of the fibrous annulus, thus risking not only to damage the nerves but also - given the consequential creation of shadows - the quality of the MRI images.

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini
Specialist in Neurosurgery

Hans-Heinrich Reichelt

Hans-Heinrich Reichelt
Chief Editor of Medizin für Menschen

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