Spine Treatment

As varied as back pain is, so are the treatment options. The targeted individual treatment takes place once an accurate diagnosis has been made. Early diagnosis and therapy, interdisciplinary work, application of multiple methods, aftercare care and the preparation of future prophylaxis programs are important components of our spinal therapy.

There is no panacea for back pain. We develop for each patient an individual therapy program after detailed discussions, examinations and diagnosis. This always requires your active participation. Even the best surgery cannot help if the patient does nothing for it.

We present you on our website various therapy options: The treatment that best fits your case, what healing opportunities there are, what risks you might run and what alternatives exist, are all topics that we like to discuss privately and personally with the patient.

A team of highly qualified specialists

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

Spine Surgeon

Dr. med. Johannes Knipprath

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. med. Muaath Abu-Owaimer

Spine Surgeon

Dr. Tonio Gottlieb

Foot Surgeon

Dr. med. Andreas Debrand-Passard


Dr. med. Georgi Dimitrov


Dr. med. Ines Hiller

Hospital Hygiene & Hygiene Management

Back-friendly guideline

Are you suffering from back pain? Do you want to prevent it? We have created for you a back-friendly guideline in which we give you simple exercises to follow! Check it out! 

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