Pain management

Pain management 

The treatment of the pain itself is an important pillar in the context of a treatment concept. Pain therapy should not be accepted as the final therapy, but as a temporary, concomitant or complementary one, at least until the real cause is identified and an overall therapy concept is established.


In acute cases, the intake of painkillers is recommended depending on pain intensity. Often this is done in combination with a muscle relaxant and/or physiotherapy. In parallel, the cause of pain (herniated disc, spinal stenosis, inflammation, tumor or cyst) is diagnosed by MRI or CT examinations.

In addition to the use of painkillers, up to 3-4 injections or infiltrations of the irritated structures - such as facet joint infiltration or peri-radicular therapy (PRT: injection of local anesthetic or cortisone drugs) are also available to alleviate the irritation.

Therapy options

If a direct or further surgical treatment is not useful (many previous surgeries without effect or phantom pain) or if surgery not possible because severe wear disorders or severe anatomical changes pain management is offered. This also applies if the general condition of the patient does not allow such a treatment. Of course, these options can be combined with other measures (medication, physiotherapy, psychotherapy). Further measures include denervation measures and spinal cord stimulation.

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini
Specialist in Neurosurgery

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