Avicenna Clinic - Your International Clinic for Spine and Joints in Berlin

Since its foundation in 2001, the Avicenna Clinic has specialized in the treatment of spinal disorders. Using the latest diagnostic procedures, we determine the exact cause of your symptoms, such as back pain. Depending on the examination results and the findings (herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, vertebral fracture, or arthrosis of the vertebral joints) and the neurological and MRI findings, and taking into account your individual physical and psychosocial conditions, we work on a solid therapy concept for you. Our spectrum ranges from conservative therapy to minimally invasive procedures and complex operations.

Our interdisciplinary team and specialists have around 35 years of international experience in the field of spinal surgery and pain treatment. It is our concern and our task to enable you to have a pain-free future!

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Knowledge database

It is important to us that our patients understand their disease and the recommended therapies. That's why we've built a knowledge base around spine conditions and therapies. Discover some of our content:

A team of highly qualified specialists

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

Spine Surgeon

Dr. med. Johannes Knipprath

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. med. Muaath Abu-Owaimer

Spine Surgeon

Huu Loc Nguyen


Dr. med. Guido Wohlgemuth

Specialist for orthopedics

Dr. med. Ahmad Farag

Specialist for orthopedics

Dr. med. Georgi Dimitrov


Dr. med. Ines Hiller

Hospital Hygiene & Hygiene Management