Why the Avicenna Clinic?

A large number of people from all over the world decide to undertake treatments at the Avicenna Clinic for Spine Surgery.


Because they know they are in good hands!

Every patient that comes to our clinic in Berlin actually takes a long journey. They reach our renowned Spine Clinic from Norway, England, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Canada, Chile, China, Australia, Africa, Poland, Turkey, Arab world and many other countries. Dr. Munther Sabarini, head of the clinic, carries out his consultations in five different languages, but the international staff is able to speak at least 13 different languages. 

The Avicenna Clinic provides medical, technical and human competence all under the same roof- right in the heart of the German capital and near the famous street Kurfürstendamm!

We offer you a therapeutic concept at the most modern level.

Whether it is herniated intervertebral disc, vertebral fracture, spinal canal stenosis or treatment of coccyx pain: delicate and minimally invasive procedures are at the center of our interest.

We take for you all the time you need.
Your health is a priority for us!
Everything is about you, you and your well-being.
The well-being of your body, your mind, and your soul!

This is why we offer you first-class comfort.
We are committed to ensuring your safety, respecting your needs, traditions, and religions.

All the people who work in the Avicenna Clinic, you will find them friendly, courteous and of great help. Not only the doctors, whose abilities you trust but also the group of nurses, physiotherapists, office staff, cleaners, kitchen staff. All of them aim to your personal satisfaction and well-being.

The Avicenna Clinic employs a team of specialists with many years of international experience in the field of spine surgery. These include neurosurgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, radiology, anesthesia, and physiotherapy.

We offer you state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods, open MRI, intraoperative monitoring and so on. Multidisciplinary cooperation in the field of neurosurgery enables accurate diagnoses and better treatments.

We involve you in our thinking, in our actions. The actual therapy takes place only after a detailed discussion with the patient, examinations and the diagnostics. Each patient receives an individually tailored treatment. Further modern treatment methods are considered only if conservative or minimally invasive therapies had no effect.

The proper functioning of a hospital is comparable to that of a cell. When the different particles of the cell coexist harmoniously, the cell lives, otherwise, it dies. And so it is for the clinics, our clinic. With us, all our employees think and move in the same direction, acting in the interest of patients. Our goal is only one: to see you feel good and without pain.

We invite you to walk this path together, humanly and surgically, hand in hand.

Just in the best of hands.

Your Avicenna Clinic