Content Quality Guidelines for the Avicenna Clinic

The Avicenna Clinic specializes in the latest minimally invasive therapy options for the treatment of spinal disorders and pain conditions. The interdisciplinary team led by Munther Sabarini, MD, has many years of international experience.

We make this expert knowledge available to you on our website in the form of content. On this page we would like to inform you about our quality guidelines, our standards and the process of creating the content.

Our standard

We would like to provide you with the best possible information on spinal diseases, spinal therapies and the diagnostics used. In doing so, we draw on our many years of expertise and use medically recognized sources. Our content is not intended to replace a doctor's visit, but to deepen the reader's understanding of possible diseases and point out potential therapies.

How are our articles created?

Our selection of topics is based on the specialized areas of the Avicenna Clinic. Our content represents the most common spinal disorders and it highlights the therapies offered at the Avicenna Clinic.

New articles or revisions to existing content are written under the responsibility of Munther Sabarini, MD. In many cases, a specialized writer on medical topics writes a first draft, which is then intensively reviewed and adjusted by Dr. Sabarini. Each author has an appropriate medical background, and we value relevant expertise and experience. Only after the texts have been approved by Munther Sabarini, MD, will content be published.


In addition to the expertise of the Avicenna Clinic team, we use only sound medical sources to create our content. We research thoroughly and conscientiously in professional articles, studies and specialist literature.

Checks & Updates

In an ongoing process, we regularly check all our articles for correctness and up-to-dateness. If there are new medical findings or new therapeutic approaches, we add them to the corresponding article.

Who is responsible for the content?

Munther Sabarini, MD, is responsible for the content of the articles as well as for all content of this website in accordance with German § 55 para. 2 RStV.


The author is named on all articles that discuss spinal disorders or spinal therapies. As part of the quality guidelines presented here, we also provide comprehensive information about the creation of the articles.

Reviews of Avicenna Clinic

We regularly conduct surveys among our patients. In addition, we encourage patients to rate Avicenna Clinic in public portals. The results speak for themselves: Avicenna Klinik records an overall satisfaction of 96% (92% very satisfied and 4% satisfied). By comparison, the overall satisfaction of all German hospitals (about 3,000 hospitals) is 71% (60% very satisfied and 11% satisfied).